Introducing Leva™ — The World's First AI Advisor for Strategic Sourcing

LevaData is proud to introduce Leva™ — an AI Advisor built on our Cognitive Sourcing™ Platform. Leva guides you through sourcing risks and savings opportunities. It personalizes insights to your role, be it procurement, finance, manufacturing or engineering. Leva’s negotiation recommendations allow you to optimize decision making in the face of complex sourcing issues and large data sets.


Leva™ Provides Proactive Guidance

Leva is always scanning changes in enterprise spend, market intelligence, and over 5,000 news sources for insights. When it discovers a risk or opportunity it guides you with specific, actionable advice.

LevaIcon.pngLeva: Good morning. There are $4.5M in total opportunities and $2M at risk across 15 suppliers and 5 sub-commodities. Would you like to see the details?

You: Yes show allUserIcon.png

LevaIcon.pngLeva: Okay. Displaying drivers, impact and recommended actions for all opportunities and risks...

Leva personalizes these insights to your role in the supply chain by organization, scope of control, and security. Alerts are further prioritized by bottom-line impact and time horizon. This means that the right member of your team can take immediate action as soon as risks and opportunities are discovered.



Leva™ Optimizes Decision Making

Leva is always by your side throughout the procurement process, providing support to improve outcomes from sourcing events. Using predictive modeling and machine learning, it assesses over 40 negotiation levers and recommends the best ones to use with a supplier based on context, timing, and sequence. You’ll know what to negotiate and exactly when.

You: Leva, show ACME Inc bid responseUserIcon.png

LevaIcon.pngLeva: Here is the bid response from Acme. The bid is 3% above target. Consider using benchmark and raw material forecast levers in your negotiation. Which levers should I include in the playbook?

You: Include all leversUserIcon.png

LevaIcon.pngLeva: Okay. Generating Negotiation Playbook for use with ACME Inc...

Your team can respond to complex sourcing decisions with confidence and verified intelligence. You can move from scheduled sourcing events to continuous sourcing with Leva’s real-time support.



With Leva™ you can Act on Insights in Seconds

Leva gives you the ability to manage the strategic sourcing process in an agile, consolidated way. Leva also recommends which suppliers or alternate parts to use when it identifies a risk event, during a new product introduction cycle, or to protect lifetime product margins.

LevaIcon.pngLeva: Forecast Alert: Lead times on Thin Film Resistors are extending to 42 weeks. There is an alternate supplier, Yoyodine, with faster lead times, if you lock in supply. Should I generate an RFQ for Yoyodine?

You: Yes create RFQUserIcon.png

LevaIcon.pngLeva: Creating an RFQ for 2 impacted parts with Yoyodine...



Leva™ makes Cognitive Sourcing™ Easy

Built on LevaData’s proven Cognitive Sourcing™ Platform, Leva provides a new way for supply chain professionals to create value for their organizations. It constantly Senses risks and opportunities, provides Recommendations that simplify complex decision making, and helps you Act on insights.

Plus, its AI is always Learning. As you respond to and use Leva’s insights, recommendations and negotiation levers, it monitors outcomes. It does this not just within your company, but across the entire community of LevaData customers. Using this information, it learns how to improve itself, making it even more useful the next time you ask for its advice.

To learn more about LevaData, Leva™ and the Cognitive Sourcing™ Platform, explore our website,



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